As a writer As a mom


Cintapuccino, born and published in 2004 was her enlightenment to her quarter life crisis. The book had become a cult and the terms such as "Nimo" was spreadly used as a term to describe years of love obsession. Icha dedicated the book for her parents, as 2 nd present for them after her graduating from ITB.

Beauty Case, born a year later in 2005, this book was truly an epitome of what creative writing is all about. Just read and have a look, and you'll see. Icha said, writing second book was even harder that you have so much pressure. But compliments from fellow senior writers and editors about her significant progress of her writing of this book number 2, was priceless.

Dari Datuk Ke Sakura Emas, collaborative charity project of anthology where Icha teamed up with Indonesia's most prominent writers in effort to save H.B Jassin publisher. Icha received many praises for her piece Sambal Dadak. "Deliciously hot, just like a good sambal supposed to be," said one editor.


Married with Children - Singy's Adventure with Kiddos, was published in 2010 in Guide Gecko . It is travel guide tailored for parents traveling to Singapore with their kids. Married with Children- Singy's Adventure with Kiddos was landed at number 5 by vote in Guide Gecko International Writing Contest 2010.


She has done several translation projects from Indonesian to English and vice versa. Two of her most memorable project was Sherry Argov - Why Men Marry Bitches, and Moammar Emka's Jakarta Undercover 2.

Script Writing

Icha is movie lovers. In her college years, she had done 2 independent movie projects where she directed and wrote the script herself. Her professional experience of scriptwriting emerged when she was involved with the writing of Cintapuccino for big screen.

In 2003, during her years working at OZ Radio Bandung, she wrote script for radio play and acted as producer of the show called Tembang Persahabatan.


Icha actively contributes to variety of publications, from music lover and lifestyle magazine Rolling Stone Indonesia and Trax, teen magazine Aneka Yess! , parenting website, and Pikiran Rakyat (newspaper).


Icha had been columnist for MOM (Mothers On Mobile)- free blackberry application dedicated for mothers with members more than 12 K. Her column was Mom Corner, where she told stories of her experiences as a young mother living abroad.

Blogger and Buzzer

Icha had been involved with several online campaigns as buzzer and blogger through her personal social media accounts. She always loves creative challenge each project had given her. Talk to her , find out her past projects and what she can do to your projects, and let's collaborate!

Lecture and Public Speaker

Education is one of the subjects that Icha also finds so much passion in it. And her broadcasting background has beautifully added advantages in her experiences in teaching, being a lecturer and public speaker. IM3 Mading Workshop in Jakarta, 2007, was one of her most memorable public speaking experiences where she spoke to Jakarta High School students with Vivid Argarini (President Director of Aneka Yess! magazine ) and writer Dee Lestari.