As a writer As a mom

Nisha "Icha" Rahmanti , born April 22 nd 1978 in Bandung, West Java. She is the author of Cintapuccino (2004) and Beauty Case (2005), both were published in Indonesia and had become national best seller, sold more than 50.000 copies. In 2007, Cintapuccino had been adapted into the silver screen -- directed by well known director Rudi Soedjarwo , and Icha was involved with the scriptwriting.

Tying the knot in 2006 brought this Architecture ITB graduate to Singapore and in October 2008 her journey into motherhood began.

Been meaning to write in English for quite sometimes, a tweet from @GreatDealSG about International Guide Gecko Writing Contest 2010 was the one that made her started.

In October 2010 she submitted Married with Children - Singy's Adventure with Kiddos to the aforementioned contest and she landed at number 5 th by vote in the competition.

Determine to take care of her kid by herself, especially in the first 5 years, she set her heart to be "karyawan daster" (pajamas employee) - the term she also used in her book Beauty Case for working from home mother-which apparently, more challenging that she would have ever thought it would in reality!

Icha believes in time-out, Supernanny , and religiously reads What To Expect series in what's left of her time after having fun with her now 3 years old son, making list of things to do 24/7 and actually trying to do them, groceries shopping, doing house chores that she had discovered in terror: has no ending!, tweet-ing! (her mental health remedy), blogging, writing her next novel (yes, she knows ... please be patient dear readers), contributing to Rolling Stone Indonesia , Aneka Yess!, B'Girls, Pikiran Rakyat, Mothers On Mobile (MOM) and obsessing about shoes.