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Married With Children - Singy's Adventure with Kiddos

Nisha "Icha" Rahmanti, Singapore, 2010
Married With Children - Singy's Adventure with Kiddos @


It Began with John vs Sebastian...

It was Sunday night and both of my husband and son were asleep. I watched the TV and there, the movie I've been meaning to watch, was on HBO: Marley and Me . I remembered how I watched it religiously and even though it didn't make me shed a tear like my friends told I would, the movie lingered on me for a week. Strong enough to make me made a blog out of it, Marley and Me and Me!!!

For me the movie was so real that it was almost losing its charm as a movie where you get the happy ending-the end is the beginning it's the end-but to me, the movie showed perfectly how in life we either be Sebastian or John.

Sebastian is the type we envy. He/ she Sebastian could be married, engaged or in most weirdest relationship known to mankind-which saved by Facebook for others to understand under the option "it's complicated"-but this fellow Sebatian, actually married to his/her job and her/himself. Sebastian travels around the globe, living la vida loca, meeting new hip interesting people (that includes hot-from-other-nationality-sexy-mate-that-give-massage), his live is full of adrenaline rush from bungy jumping in Bali to racing car in Middle East desert, or covering some international vendetta that worth Pulitzer price or headline story at TIMES. Types that on any given days hearing their stories could make you think suicidal, feel tired, old and failure or the least, a lot of thoughts of "what if" and "am I making the right choice?",or "what's the point of doing this every day?"

John, is like John Grogan is us, the common-ers. The one who are settling down. Or the one who probably in love for short sweet years, then eventually, settling down. Our take for adrenaline rush was when having labour, having quicky before the baby's awake, or driving like maniac to get to the kid's school before the play is starting without getting a ticket. Our adventure includes smelling the changing odor of our baby's poops into ... well, into that familiar smell of human poop, potty training, trip to supermarket for groceries store with a tantrum toddler etc ....

The Johns reward themselves with the typical me-time of reading in the loo and the ultimate reward of watching their off-springs sleep thinking, "what a wonderful world", "I'd die for you..." "I won't trade this for anything", "you're the cutest baby I've seen by far". And once the children are awake, the endless crazy circle of parenting and life begin, again . And with young kids at hands, traveling will be more likely on the top priority.

Having children also means you gotta be more careful with your expenses because you have so many to think about for this little person's future. You just can't pack up and go. For you, the airline tickets are more expensive since you are bringing the whole bunch. Plus you just can't crash somewhere to spend the night. So the list of "plus-you-just-can-not" continues... And it's not a secret too that traveling with the young ones is another survival story and just thinking about that is enough to make us kill the idea hoping when they grow bigger, the time will come for you to explore the planet.

Harder? Yes. More expensive? Depends, but generally yes. But not impossible.

Wheter a thousand miles or a trip to nearest groceries store could be as much as a challenge with infants, toddler and even big kids. Then I thought the key is, just like any other successful trip stories: preparation.

Married with Children , is my idea of travel guide tailored for any parents who wish to have fun with the kids someplace else, exploring the new places. Equip yourself with the best spots or tourist attractions plus all the information you might need to tackle all the obstacles that might appear during your trip. Even if the trip won't be as extreme as what typical Sebastian would have, traveling as parents with children could promise best of time, a lot of laughing, and great memories in the making that everybody will cherish in the future.

I start with Singapore, simply because this is where I live now and this is where... my journey as a female version of John, a mother, begins...

And it has not been bad at all!